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Celebrating life's special moments

Choosing a celebrant that is right for you will allow your personality and uniqueness to shine through.​​



1. a person who performs a rite.

2. a person who celebrates something.

Celebrating life’s special moments is essential to who we are as human beings.  From the beginning of history people have come together to celebrate events and people that mean so much to us; from the birth of a child, an expression of love or marriage, or the celebration of a loved one’s life achievements.  It is fundamental to what gives us a sense of belonging and acceptance.

A celebration is often what turns a special moment into a memory that will stir emotions for a lifetime.  The right celebrant will not only take away some of the stress in planning a big celebration (or a little one, for that matter!), but will help you transform a happy occasion into something beautiful that people will keep in their hearts and memories for many years to come.

Photo: Nicola Anne Designs